Professional Electrician Course

There are a number of different qualifications needed to become a professional electrician, each with its own relevant training course. However, we at the Electrician Academy have devised a fast, efficient way to gain all of these qualifications by combining them into one all-inclusive electrical course. Our Professional Electrician Course is an incredibly comprehensive training package that will equip you with the skills and the City & Guilds qualifications needed to work as a professional electrician.

Our City & Guilds-approved training centre has everything you’ll need to complete your training. From experienced teaching staff and up-to-date equipment to practical workshops based on real-life scenarios, the Electrician Academy offers a level of expertise that you won’t find elsewhere.

Professional Electrician Course – Details:

We pride ourselves on the level of flexibility that we provide in our training programmes, and the Professional Electrician Course is no exception. While studying the various modules included on this course back to back is the fastest way of becoming qualified, we understand that not everyone can commit to that. Therefore you may also choose to complete the modules separately over a longer period of time. You won’t find that quality of service anywhere else!

All the books you will need for the course are provided in the initial fee, and any equipment or tools required are supplied at our training centre. The course will be a blend of both theory and practical training, with them complementing each other as you progress towards your goal

Topics covered on this course include:
  • Part P of the building regulations for electrical installation.
  • Electrical installation pre-work survey/inspection.
  • Electrical installation safe isolation procedures.
  • Identifying unsafe electrical situations.
  • Electrical test procedures.
  • Installing and replacing electrical components.
  • Electrical test results and completing Electrical Certificates for clients (e.g. landlords and local authorities).
  • Electrical installation in special locations.
  • Understanding electrical circuit requirements.
  • Installing lighting and electrical circuits.
  • Visual inspections of electrical installations.
  • Functional testing and the correct procedure.

What Modules Are Included On This Course?

As you make your way through our Professional Electrician Course, you will cover the following essential modules / qualifications:

Foundation Training on Electrical Principles and Domestic Electrical Installation

Strictly theoretical training is no substitute for practical, hands-on work that gives you the chance to put your skills into practice. Therefore the first segment of this course has a balance of around 30% classroom theory and 70% practical workshops, giving you plenty of opportunity to learn what life is like as an electrician. During this period you will be learning how to rewire a house (including all lighting, power and earthing) among many other basic domestic electrical tasks.

Part P Building Regulations and City & Guilds 2382-12 17th Edition Wiring Regulations

Gaining this must-have qualification will prove to future employers and clients that you possess the up-to-date knowledge required to perform electrical work properly. This theory-based section of the course will bring you up to speed with the 17th Edition Wiring Regulations, culminating in an online test at the end of the module to confirm your knowledge.

City & Guilds 2377 Portable Appliance Testing (Inspection, Testing and Management)

This section of the course encompasses all aspects of PAT testing. By gaining this valuable qualification you will be certified to both schedule and safely carry out electrical appliance tests. This qualification is need to work with any appliance, be it a machine or equipment plugged into an electrical installation.

City & Guilds 2392 Fundamental Inspection & Testing

Professional electricians who are qualified to inspect and test electrical installations are often incredibly sought-after, and so as you can imagine having the skills to do so will offer you not only more work but a higher salary too. These qualifications can be difficult to achieve, but this section will give you excellent foundation learning.

City & Guilds 2395 Inspection & Testing

Without the right training, this highly-regarded and coveted qualification can be notoriously difficult to achieve. However our pass rates remain exceptionally high despite the difficulty, and we’re confident that you will have the ability to pass first time. Building upon what you learnt in the 2392 qualification, this advanced qualification will grant you the knowledge to carry out periodic inspections on a huge variety of different installations. With relatively few fully-qualified inspectors in the UK, this is your chance to enter into a particularly lucrative part of the industry.

City & Guilds 2365 Level 3 Diploma in Electrical Installations (Buildings and Structures)

The final step in your professional electrician course, this high-level qualification (when coupled with an appropriate NVQ) will bring you to the standard of “fully qualified” in the eyes of the Joint Industry Board (JIB), as both the 2365 and an NVQ are needed to get a JIB card as an electrician. It covers many areas of electrical technology, including electrical science and installations.

Students will need to perform a number of written assignments, using detailed installation drawings, practical fault diagnosis & fault rectification, inspection, testing & commissioning and electrical systems design. There will also be written and multiple-choice exams and practical assessments covering electrical science subjects such as single and three phase motors, power factor measurement, calculation and correction, single and three phase supplies and lighting technology.

Should I Apply?

The Professional Electrician Course is open to everyone, regardless of background or prior electrical experience. This includes those looking to take their first steps into a career as an electrician, or existing tradespeople who are looking to update or expand their qualifications in order to take on new work.

We frequently welcome budding electricians from all over the country, including:
  • South Wales – Newport, Cardiff, Bridgend and Swansea
  • South England – Bristol, Bath, Swindon, Reading, Slough and London
  • The Midlands – Birmingham, Hereford, Derby and Leicester
The South West – Devon, Exeter, Plymouth and Taunton

If you would like to know more about the Electrician Academy itself, have you considered arranging a visit to our facilities? We will be able to show you around and the teaching staff will be more than happy to answer any questions you have. Contact us now to find out more.