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Domestic Electrician Qualifications for Experienced Installers

If you are an electrician in-training with existing knowledge of electrical theory and testing, then you are probably looking for a course than can provide the greatest amount of information in the shortest possible timeframe. If that’s the case, our Domestic Electrician course for experienced installers should be just right for you.

Though it is aimed at students with prior experience, this is not a course that takes half measures. Completion of the course will provide you with two of the industry’s most important electrical qualifications, and most importantly, each one will be the full qualification rather than just a fraction of it.

Teaching will take place at one of our accredited training centres, which are easily accessible from virtually anywhere in the UK. Our purpose-built workshops will put you through the real life scenarios that you’ll encounter as a fully-qualified domestic electrician, and you’ll receive up-to-date training from our experienced electrical tutors. If you are interested in this course and would like further information, please contact Electrician Academy today.

Domestic Electrician Course Details

As you work towards achieving your domestic electrician qualifications, you will study a number of different topics, with the use of equipment/tools, books and examination fees covered in the initial course cost. The first week will cover the Part P qualification, and the second week will bring you up to speed on the 17th Edition wiring regulations. Topics covered on this course include:
  • Ring Main circuits
  • Basic and 2 way lighting circuits
  • Radial power circuits
  • Earthing & bonding procedures’
  • Calculating cable sizes and load demands
  • Health and Safety
  • Electrical regulations
  • Three phase systems and safe isolation procedures
See below for more information of the qualifications.

Part P Domestic Installer

You will need to earn this qualification in order to perform domestic work in accordance with Part P of the Building Regulations. Through completing all the examinations and assessments taken in this intensive week of training, you’ll be Part P qualified and able to join a Competent Person scheme.

17th Edition Wiring Regulations

This second must-have qualification deals with your understanding of current wiring regulations, and is perhaps the most recognised of all domestic electrician qualifications. Following thorough theory lessons from our experienced teaching staff, you will be ready to take the examination required as proof of your understanding of how these regulations should be applied in every day electrical work.

Is this the course right for me?

While no formal qualifications are required to take this course, it is designed for those with some prior knowledge of electrical theory, testing, and using an electrical test meter. This is vital as the course does not teach you how to use a meter or the theory behind an electrical installation. What it will teach you is how to efficiently use the meter and what to do during a domestic installation.

If you have little or no electrical experience / knowledge, our Domestic Electrical Installation Course for Beginners may be a more suitable choice.
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